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I'm using vs. 27.00.175
I have 3 Excel spread sheets that all use the DDL. The DDL consists of peoples names. On 2 of them I can add or delete names as needed and it automatically updates the DDL. However on the 3rd spreadsheet when I add or delete a name it doesn't automatically update the DDL. To get it to work properly I have to save the spreadsheet, close and reopen it in order to have it function properly.

Do you have any idea why this is happening?

9 months ago

To better assist you, I have two questions:

1. On the third spreadsheet, is the default Excel dropdown list updating properly?
2. If the default dropdown list is updating correctly on the third spreadsheet, please take a screenshot of the data validation settings of the dropdown list and share it with us.

By confirming these details, we can pinpoint the issue more accurately and provide you with the appropriate solution.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

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8 months ago
Hi there,

Please try using the beta version of the software and check if the problem still persists:

Please let us know if the problem occurs in the beta version or if it has been resolved. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

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